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Via Graça

Rua Damasceno Monteiro 9 - B

''Eating with one's eyes'' is the right expression, as this space promises to amaze you, at both lunch and dinner. A true belvedere overlooking the city, in a quiet and comfortable environment, it is one of the experiences we could provide you. São Jorge's castle, Graça's neighbourhood, Lisbon's downtown and the Tagus river - the city is at your feet. Bathed in rays of tranquility during the day and the lighting of the city at night, its name came from the famous ''tram number 28'', which ran from ''Campo de Ourique'' to ''Graça'' - one of the tourist icons of Lisbon. Currently with a loyal audience, who comes here to enjoy both the environment and the Portuguese traditional cuisine, with a dedicated service: our second suggestion. The third suggestion is regarding with our menu, where we can highlight typical dishes such as ''bacalhau com broa'', ''empada de caça'' and ''creme rico e queimado''. The wine is another highlight at Via Graça, here you can find more than four thousand bottles and more than 300 different references. With an atmosphere that many describe as romantic, we guarantee the perfect place for a family, group or business meal. Via Graça has 3 different rooms - one on the top floor, another on the lower floor and suitable for groups, as well as a third private room - in a space extensively refurbished in 2011, Via Graça became more modern and cozy with the use of Lisbon's natural light You can make your reservation with pre-defined menus that fit your needs, or simply choose what you like the most from our menu, while drinking a glass of sparkling wine and enjoying the sunset.


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