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Casa de Pasto

Rua de São Paulo, 20, 1º andar

Casa de Pasto has been surprising its visitors since 2013.
Ever since it opened, the restaurant has placed itself as the mecca for traditional Portuguese cuisine in Lisbon. It may have old-school principles at its core, but it’s with new blood that everything is designed and created for all those who visit the space by the Tejo River.
The menu appeals to the olden-days of Portuguese food, the classics, to the concept of refinement, to the presumption that flavour comes first. The flavours you’ll experience at Casa de Pasto are effectively Portuguese and will take you right back to a time when food possessed a truth that was impossible to ignore. But it’s not only on your palate that you’ll feel this unapologetic Portugality. The décor, created to allure more senses to the Casa de Pasto experience, throws you straight back to your Grandmother’s home and to the decoration tendencies of the beginnings of the 19th and 20th centuries.
In the middle of pans, skillets and cooking techniques that reveal the best that each product has to offer, the team that creates Casa de Pasto’s flavours firmly believes that the soul of and excellent meal resides in the seasonality of the products used.
At Casa de Pasto, everything comes back to that – to the Portuguese soul and all the flavours and food that were created in its honour.